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About International Lighting Summit

Keeping in view our constant endeavor to promote interactions within the Industry, ACETECH 2019 will witness ACE LIGHTING which will be a converging point for the Lighting Industry in India, welcoming the industry’s most well renowned and recommended architects, interior designers, green architects, lighting consultants / designers, electrical engineers, developers, contractors, lighting manufacturers and distributors supported by the re-launch of INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING SUMMIT, a one of a kind knowledge sharing platform addressing niche segments of architectural & decorative lighting and its ancillary industries which is curated by top lighting consultants of the country.

A knowledge sharing platform for lighting designers and front line professionals across the globe come together to share their experiences and updates on new technologies and innovative methods and focuses on the way ‘light’ is used in our built environment

Some of the key areas that The INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING SUMMIT 2019 will emphasize on:

  • Design Ideas and Trends in Lighting
  • The Current Role and Status of the lighting industry and emergence of the relatively new lighting design profession
  • Lighting Application case studies executed by internationally renowned lighting designers, showcasing the latest learning and best practices world over
  • Latest research and technological developments in the field of lighting
  • The need for, and value of energy efficiency in lighting design, throwing light on the latest and most proficient techniques achieving sustainable design success in lighting

Ace Lighting Pavilion:

The Ultimate Destination for the Space & Time Revolution Explore the lighting and design industry’s source with brilliant solutions, committed to providing dazzling, yet highly functional, streamlined lighting solutions and an experience of all-around luminosity.

Lighting Chat Show:

A studio based show to showcase the lighting industry in the right light!
Lighting Experts, Industry Stalwarts and manufacturers come together to aesthetically underline all the critical components of the lighting business as well as talk about / showcase latest technologies, trends etc.
The show feature Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Shops or homes, which have created a mesmerizing environment with the right use of light.

Light Installations:

Escape the time and space reality at a designated space for the renowned international installation artists and designers, to demonstrate their creative light installations at ACE Lighting.

Networking Evening:

ACE Lighting highlights and celebrates the industry’s most innovative products and designs introduced followed by networking cocktail evening. Be a part of the business extravaganza that leads to invigorating conversations and business growth with industry influencers.

Visitor Profile:

Construction Industry Professionals, Architects & Town Planners, Lighting Designers and consultants, Key specifiers, Builders & Developers, Interior Design Professionals, Hospitality Industry Professionals, Green Architects & Consultants, LEED & WELL APs, Project Managers & Consultants, Electrical Consultants, Public Administrators & Civil Servants, Procurement Heads, Government Agencies / Building Authorities, Airport and Metro Authorities, Dealers and distributors and nominated wish list.

International Lighting Summit 2019-20 Event Calender

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